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Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000 in 2023

We scour the web to find only the best gaming PCs under $1000 for a silky-smooth 1080p gaming experience

Updated: Jul 13, 2023 12:00 pm
Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000 in 2023

A common price point for a lot of budding gamers to save up is around $1000. The best prebuilt gaming PC for under $1000, in some cases, features better graphics cards than those under $800 but not always. A gaming PC under 1000 may have similar spec GPUs but often feature stronger CPUs, more storage, and better RAM.

$1000 is a lot of money and is an ideal amount for those looking at playing games in glorious detail, with some capable of 1440p performance. We would all love a premium $2000 prebuilt gaming PC but these affordable prebuilt options below might surprise you.

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Our top picks

Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000

Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000

Skytech Azure Gaming PC Desktop (RTX 3060 Ti)

Skytech Azure Gaming PC Desktop RTX 3060 Ti


Intel Core-i5 10400


RTX 3060 Ti


16 GB



  • Great design in general with RGB as well
  • Great 1080p performance along with 1400p abilities
  • 1TB of SSD for fast loading and responsiveness
  • Limited cooling could impact perfromance
  • Has a 10400 which isn’t the best CPU at the price point

Although the price might go up and down on this one, it is the best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000. It gives you a great choice of being able to grab the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti in a prebuilt gaming PC. As one of the more popular cards of its generation, it is a killer 1080p card, with even great performance at 1440p. Which is becoming the more popular choice of resolution, or at least you’ll get good FPS at the lower res.

The PC comes in a good-looking and innovative design, something a bit different. With a top-placed PSU and side vents, it does look a bit different. With the tempered glass side panel you do get a look inside and admire the three RGB fans inside. It does mean, however, the PC holds back with the CPU a bit. With the 10400 CPU, it is a bit more outdated, now in an unsupported platform so it does limit your upgradeability down the line.

But even still, it comes with a great GPU already, along with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Both of which these days have become more of a necessity. With the evolving games, they take up more and more space. And on an SSD it’s going to feel a lot faster if you’re coming from an HDD.

Second best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000

SkyTech Shadow 3.0 Gaming Computer PC Desktop (RTX 3060)

SkyTech Shadow 3.0 Gaming Computer PC Desktop RTX 3060


AMD Ryzen 5 3600


RTX 3060





  • Excellent 1080p performance
  • Strong graphics card choice at price point
  • Built on the older AM4 platrform which is now no longer supported
  • Very limited airflow with a flat enclosed front panel

On a more stricter pricing point, the SkyTech Shadow 3.0 is more in line. And there you’ll find still a great gaming PC. Where it differs from the top option is its spec, with a slightly lower GPU model with the RTX 3060 rather than the Ti. So you are more confined to 1080p gameplay, but it will still be plenty fast either way. Along with all the great features you get with the RTX lineup.

It also comes with a Ryzen 7 3600, which is a great CPU for gaming but is now on the older platform. You do have some upgradeability options with Ryzen 5000, but anything newer is incompatible now and so it’s a bit limiting. But still, it will perform well with great gaming performance from the parts in it.

It also has 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, which gives you good support for a range of games, especially their install sizes. The case is a bit limiting on airflow, so it might get a bit hot, although unlikely to reach critical. But it does have plenty of RGB both on the case and in the fans inside.

Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000 for airflow

Skytech Blaze 3.0 Gaming PC Desktop (RTX 3060)

Skytech Blaze 3.0 Gaming PC Desktop RTX 3060


Intel Core i5 12400F


RTX 3060





  • Has a new gen platfrom with a 12th gen processor
  • Very fast NVMe storage
  • Very good airflow with a mesh case
  • Only 500GB of storage which will likely fill up fast

Now if you’re more concerned with the cooling of your gaming PC, then the Skytech Blaze 3.0 is a great choice for it. With a mesh front, there is plenty of airflow potential for cooling your components well to keep up the performance of the parts. And there is a bit of tech to keep cool in it.

It has both a 12400F CPU and RTX 3060, which although might be a generation behind now, are plenty powerful for 1080p gaming. Although with just a 500GB NVMe it has fast loading and all, but not a lot of space. So with the size of games these days it might not last you too long, but at least it has 16GB of RAM which is still suitable these days.

Best white prebuilt gaming PC under $1000

Skytech Shiva II Gaming PC Desktop (RTX 3060)

Skytech Shiva II Gaming PC Desktop RTX 3060


Intel Core i5 12400F


RTX 3060





  • Great modern CPU and GPU to keep the platform up to date
  • A more uncommon white build
  • Only 500GB of storage, so may fill up quicker
  • Limited airflow from the front of the case

If you’re looking for an all-white gaming PC, the Skytech Shiva II has got you covered under $1000. With an i5 12400F and RTX 3060, it gives a good overall performance at 1080p. Even with the slightly older hardware, it does give you a better value for it and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This model also opts for just the 500GB NVMe which is plenty fast, but quite limited in the space it offers and so might limit how many games you’ve got installed. But it does have 16GB of RAM and so it can handle modern titles with that.

The case only has slits at the front without good airflow so it might run a bit warm in general. But otherwise, it has got a bit more unique look with its white case. Although it’s unlikely the insides will match that.

Best budget prebuilt gaming PC under $1000

MXZ Gaming Desktop PC Computer (RTX 3060)

MXZ Gaming Desktop PC Computer RTX 3060


Intel Core i3-12100F


RTX 3060





  • Does come with 6 RGB fans to try and maximize airflow
  • Modern CPU and GPU have greaty features and upgradeability
  • Solid front panel will limit cooling and can cause overheating
  • Only 500GB of space is not a lot these days

On the lower end of the budget, there are still some options to pick from. With this option, you do get a lower choice of CPU and operating system. With an i3 12100F, it is rather limited to 1080p but that is expected with the RTX 3060 already. It also, unlike the other options comes with Windows 10 Pro rather than 11 already installed, but you should be able to upgrade once you set it up.

Even as a more budget option, it still comes with 16GB of DDR4, possibly as the prices are much better now with DDR5 in full swing so it is still a good option without much sacrifice. Especially as 16GB becomes the new standard, where you might find some lacking is the 500 GB SSD NVMe, once again not in speed but with the amount.

The case is fairly enclosed so it might be a bit more suffocating. Even though it comes with 6 fans, pushing all that air might get a bit noisy. But then you do get a lot of RGB to light up your build and surrounding area.

How we choose

We scoured popular and reputable prebuilt gaming PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP, iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, and even the latest prebuilt gaming desktop PCs from companies that specialize in upgrades and customizations such as CUK (Computer Upgrade King).

After an extensive search, we came up with a long list of potential candidates, we then: examined the specs, compared them, and came up with the five best gaming PCs under $1,000.

How we test

To give you an idea of how well these prebuilt gaming PCs performed, tests were made and benchmark results were recorded across a number of different games and platforms. We specifically picked popular games to give you an up-to-date reference.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, some retailers are experiencing stock issues. WePC constantly updates our pages to reflect current availability, so if the PC or part you want shows as out of stock, check back later or check out these alternatives.

Things to consider

We understand that not everyone can find the time to build their own custom PC but when buying a prebuilt gaming PC there are just as many things to consider before making that final purchase. While these prebuilt computers for under $1000 are highly capable, we still need to make sure you walk away with the right PC for your needs.

What to expect from a prebuilt gaming PC under $1000

When it comes to a prebuilt gaming PC for under $1000, you would be forgiven for thinking that there are no compromises. well, despite being considered “high-end”, there is only so much room in the budget for a GPU. This means you will often find the older components but usually, this is just the previous generation, however, some include the entry-level GPUs to the latest ranges. In any case, a gaming PC under $1000 is going to smash 1080p gaming and offer plenty of performance in 1440p too!

Graphics Card

Whether it’s a prebuilt or a custom-built gaming computer, the graphics card is the most important component. It’s the powerhouse of any gaming computer.

Prebuilt gaming computers around the $1000 mark are technically on the high-end side of things but still have a couple of compromises here and there, one of which is the GPU. Graphics cards in these systems are going to be able to play anything in any setting when gaming in 1080p, with some of the PCs able to take on 1440p too.

These also vary with the connectors you have for your monitor. So if the number of HDMI or DisplayPort connections available. Although you’re unlikely to find older connectors like DVI or VGA on new GPUs, so you might need to consider that for your older monitor without a Display Port connection available.


When buying a prebuilt computer in this bracket, you are likely to be getting older processors. Don’t worry though, the good news is that while these may not be the latest and greatest CPUs, they are often just the previous gen, with high speeds, and solid for gaming that are clocked at good GHz rates.


$1000 prebuilt gaming PCs is where we start to see 16GB of fast RAM included. This is great news for gamers as 16GB is becoming more and more optimal, plus it will future proof your setup a while longer than 8GB.  How much RAM do you need for gaming? this depends on what you are going to be using the PC for but considering how affordable a 16GB kit of RAM is, try to always opt for this over 8GB.


Storage solutions in $1000 prebuilt gaming PCs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, with some offering dual-storage and others large 1TB SSDs. In any case, you are likely to end up with more than enough storage to get you going but you can expect anything between 500GB and 1TB.


One of the parts that kind of gets left behind is the motherboard. Although most times it’s not necessary to have the top end selection, some offer different features and connections though. Such as the number of USB ports, and what ethernet speed it supports. So you want to make sure you can plug in your gaming keyboard, mouse, and all other peripherals you might need for your rig. Especially when it comes to RGB lighting you want to be included.

Best gaming PC under $1000 vs custom

We always recommend that you build your own computer here at WePC and that is for one simple reason – value.  It is no secret that you can squeeze in better hardware for your cash when building your own system, with the markup on prebuilt computers usually costing the same amount as an entire component ($100-$300).


While the performance of these $1000 gaming PCs is solid, when building your own you could in theory include a better CPU or GPU into your computer without spending more. This means you could get even better performance for your hard-earned cash, get better in-game results, and future-proof your investment for longer.


The main selling point behind a prebuilt gaming PC is it saves you the hassle. We understand that not everyone knows how to build a computer and may not even have the time to learn this new skill, so the convenience of a prebuilt makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are many more benefits to buying a prebuilt gaming PC from manufacturers, obviously, it takes the stresses away from finding all the compatible components, while also preventing damage to said components when the time comes to build it.

With one of these gaming PCs, you are going to be able to send it back to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. Furthermore, if you feel you need an upgrade, suppliers will often do this for you or at least insist you send it to them for an upgrade. Manufacturers will also dish out a warranty, usually covering parts and labor for around a year but some companies offer impressive warranties and you can always spend extra on insurance, giving you a lengthy/ lifetime warranty.

These computers are from the biggest manufacturers around the world and aren’t just packaged nicely for you either, they normally stress test the system to ensure the components are working before shipping and that it performs as it should. You will also receive your system with software, usually with Windows and drivers pre-installed, so you can simply plug it in and start downloading games.

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Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Brands

Every recommended prebuilt gaming PC in this article is from a reputable manufacturer. You are probably wondering how we know what the best gaming PC brands are? Well, we have done our research and purchased PCs from these brands.

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Scan 3XS
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Final word

There you have it, the best prebuilt gaming PC under $1000. All five prebuilts offer excellent gaming performance, whether you are playing games in 1080p or 1440p. While some may prefer slightly more storage, the combination of the powerful CPU, GPU, and RAM is going to give you some impressive results.

With these selections, you can rest assured that each one is of high quality and is manufactured by some of the biggest names in the business, meaning all you have to worry about is picking up the right spec for your gaming rigs needs. If it’s high-end gaming or not, there are good options for a good frame rate gaming experience.


Is $1000 good for a gaming PC?

Yes, $1000 these days will get you a good prebuilt gaming PC. With the tech pricing in a much better place, you get a lot of performance once again for that price point. As we see options for RTX 3060 or 3060 Ti’s give great 1080p maybe even 1440p performance.

How much is a decent prebuilt gaming PC?

For a decent prebuilt gaming PC, you could spend a lot, but we reckon $1000 is a good price point. It will be a decent 1080p performance along with high framerates and good quality. But if you need to get more out oof it you do have to look higher up.

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