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Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1500 in 2023

We take a closer look at the best prebuilt gaming computers for under $1500

Updated: Jul 24, 2023 3:36 pm
Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1500 in 2023

At WePC we always recommend you build your own gaming PC but we understand that many simply do not want to do this, whether it’s fear of breaking a component or a lack of time. With this in mind, today, we are going to be searching for the best prebuilt gaming PC under $1500.

We already recommend the best custom gaming PC for under $1500, so decided to find the five best-prebuilt alternatives available online. Of course, when buying a prebuilt computer there are going to compromise but we will talk you through those, later on, to assist you with your final decision or hopefully tempt you into building your own instead.

Let’s take a look at our top five prebuilt gaming PCs under $1500.

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Our top picks

Best prebuilt gaming PC under $1500 – in-depth review


ZOTAC Gaming MEK Hero G1 A5837 (RTX 3070)

ZOTAC Gaming MEK Hero G1 A5837 RTX 3070


AMD Ryzen 7 5800X


RTX 3070





  • Has 2TBs of storage, half of which is fast NVMe, so plenty of space for game installs
  • Fast and only one generation old CPU and GPU that are still plenty powerful
  • Case is small and may limit airflow with a solid front panel

There is a great choice of prebuilt gaming PCs under $1500, as it ups the offering to a great point. This is more of a sweet spot and the ZOTAC gaming MEK Hero G1 is a great benefactor in this range.

The CPU is the ever-popular AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. From the AM4 generation, it might be a bit behind and without much upgradeability room left, it still is a top performer. Although the X3D options can be a good alternative if needed, it still is strong with a 3.8GHz clock and boosts up to 4.7 GHz in its 8-cores/16-thread. And it is being liquid cool to keep it under wraps.

It then also features a great Zotac Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. This knocks the performance up capable of 1440p gaming pushing into the 4k scene. It also leads a bit over the RTX 3060 Ti alternatives also available at this price point and will have plenty of power over a longer period of time.

Also features 16GB of DDR4 which is what is required these days, but then improves the storage over lower choices. With 1TB of NVMe and 1TB of HDD, you get a good mix of fast and slow storage. So you can fit plenty of game installs on there with a mix of speeds. The only limitation you might find is the solid front panel which might hinder the cooling of the case.


Acer Predator Orion 3000 PO3-640-UR12 (RTX 3070)

Acer Predator Orion 3000 PO3 640 UR12 RTX 3070


Intel Core i7-12700F


RTX 3070




1TB M.2 PCIe Gen 3 SSD + 1TB HDD

  • 2TBs of sotrage, mix of fast and slow for a good amount of installs
  • Includes the fast and modern WiFi 6E standard
  • Modern and fast CPU and GPU
  • Solid glass front panel with only one fan limits the airflow and can run really hot impacting performance

Another great contender for the best prebuilt under $1500 is the Acer Predator Orion 3000. It also has strong hardware inside of it so it has the performance to match.

This one is based on the Intel platform with the i7-12700F. The middle-of-the-pack CPU is also a great performer with a boost clock of up to 4.9GHz across its 12 cores. Whilst the GPU is also an Nvidia RTX 3070. Which itself is a strong and powerful card capable of running a lot of games well.

The RAM and storage are also the same solution as the previous one. So there is no worry of not being able to run any new games or actually installing them in the first place with plenty of storage.

The best prebuilt gaming PC under $1500

Skytech Azure Gaming PC Desktop (RTX 3060Ti)

Skytech Azure Gaming PC Desktop


AMD Ryzen 5 5600X


RTX 3060 Ti





  • Strong gaming performance in 1080p & 1440p
  • Decent value
  • 1TB of SSD storage
  • Features Wi-Fi

The SkyTech Azure prebuilt gaming PC is our top selection when it comes to computers under $1500 for two simple reasons – Performance and value. This PC is going to handle all your gaming needs and more, with an excellent set of components inside.

Powering this system, we see an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, a CPU that is highly regarded and strong for gaming. This processor features strong single-core performance and ships with 6 cores and 12 threads running at a base speed of 3.7GHz and a boost potential of up to 4.6GHz. The CPU combines with one of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards – the RTX 3060Ti. The RTX 3060Ti offers stunning value, with similar in-game performance as the monster RTX 2080, meaning you can play any game in any setting you like!

There are many other nice-to-haves included in this Skytech prebuilt too. This build features 16GB of fast RAM, which is going to bolster the performance of your system across the board. There is also a 1TB SSD that is going to be a good place to start for your favorite games and applications.

What else can we say about this gaming PC, well, it features four RGB fans, a tempered glass panel so you can see inside, and Wi-Fi, giving you everything you need to rip through those games.

Next best prebuilt gaming PC under $1500

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop (RTX 3060 Ti)

Skytech Shiva Gaming PC


AMD Ryzen 5 5600X


RTX 3060 Ti





  • Features strong gaming components
  • Comes with Windows 10
  • 1TB of SSD storage
  • Features Wi-Fi 6
  • Slightly over budget

The Skytech Shiva Gaming PC is one of the most stylish-looking on this list, however, aside from looks, this gaming PC offers incredible performance for both gaming and the odd heavy-duty CPU task.

At the heart of this gaming PC sits one of AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X a CPU that is highly regarded and strong for gaming. This processor features strong single-core performance and ships with 6 cores and 12 threads running at a base speed of 3.7GHz and a boost potential of up to 4.6GHz. The CPU combines with one of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards – the RTX 3060 Ti, giving you a solid platform to start gaming.

The positives don’t stop with the CPU and GPU though, this prebuilt also features 16 GB of fast RAM, Windows 10, and a 1TB SSD. There is no additional HDD with this build but with 1TB you aren’t likely to need any extra storage space for quite some time.

Best budget prebuilt gaming PC under $1500

Skytech Gaming Archangel Gaming PC (5600X)

SkyTech Archangel 3.0 Gaming Computer PC Desktop Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core 3.6GHz RTX 2060 6G 500GB SSD 16GB DDR4 3000 RGB Fans AC WiFi Windows 10 Home 64 bit White


Ryzen 5 5600X


RTX 3060 TI



Storage Space


  • Great CPU for gaming
  • Powerful GPU
  • 16GB of RAM
  • Slightly over budget

Last but not least is the Skytech Prebuilt Gaming PC, a powerful machine with impressive specifications for the price. This prebuilt may not feature the same processing power as the other options but it still provides an excellent gaming experience and is still a worthy recommendation.

We see AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X CPU at the center of this PC, which features strong single-core performance, and comes with 6 cores / 12 threads running at a base speed of 3.7GHz and a boost potential of up to 4.6GHz. The CPU combines with Nvidia’s powerful 30-series RTX 3060Ti, a GPU that doesn’t compete with the RTX 3070 but can still bring excellent gaming results.

This prebuilt computer also comes with 16GB of RAM, a great amount for gaming. For storage, we see a large 1TB of SSD space which is more than enough for most gamers and general users.

This build features four RGB fans to keep airflow at an efficient level and Wi-Fi, making this a fantastic option for under $1500.

How we choose

We scoured popular and reputable prebuilt gaming PC manufacturers such as SkyTech, MSI, iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, and even the latest prebuilt gaming desktop PCs from companies that specialize in upgrades and customizations such as CUK.

After an extensive search, we came up with a long list of potential candidates, we then: examined the specs, compared them, and came up with the five best gaming PCs under $1,500.

How we test

Unlike our best prebuilt gaming PC under $800 and our $1000 prebuilt article, we didn’t test games at 1080p/ultra settings.

Let’s face it, a computer that costs $1,500 should be able to handle almost anything without breaking a sweat. It’s time to up your expectations! We’re testing these PCs at 2K (1440p) and even 4K resolutions.

If you don’t have a 1440p resolution monitor, then you should eventually invest in a 2K monitor, or get one of the best gaming monitors that can handle 2K or 4K resolution. Well, assuming you want to get the most out of these prebuilt PCs, which I assume you do.

On average, these 5 prebuilt computers can handle the following games in both 1440p and 2160p resolutions:

With the right preset, you can experience over 60FPS on all of these titles. Ideally, you’d want to tone the graphics down to high but it still boils down to personal preference as competitive players would prefer a lower preset over fine-tuned graphics output.

Things to consider

For gamers that don’t fancy the challenge of building the best custom gaming PC for under $1500, a prebuilt alternative is the way to go. Of course, whether you are building yourself a PC or not, there are still several areas to consider before making the purchase.

In this section, we are going to be going over these key areas to ensure you make the correct choice and buy a product that is suited to your gaming needs.


We provide information on custom PCs and prebuilts by splitting them into different categories based on particular budgets. It is always important to set ourselves a budget when we go looking to buy a new computer as it can be incredibly easy to spend more than you were originally planning.

When it comes to gaming PCs that cost under $1500, you can be sure to get a machine that is powerful and capable of more than just a high-end gaming experience. For those looking to play the latest AAA games in the highest settings at high resolutions, then you are in the right place. If however, you are more of a casual gamer that maybe has a 1080p monitor, a $1000 prebuilt maybe all you need.

$1500 Prebuilt vs. Custom built gaming PC

We always recommend that you build your own computer here at WePC and that is for one simple reason – value.  It is no secret that you can squeeze in better hardware for your cash when building your own system, with the markup on prebuilt computers usually costing the same amount as an entire component ($100-$300).


While the performance of these prebuilt gaming PCs under 1500 is great, when building your own you could in theory include a better CPU or GPU into your computer without spending more. This means you could get even better performance for your hard-earned cash, get better in-game results, and future-proof your investment for longer.


The main selling point behind a prebuilt is it saves you the hassle. We understand that not everyone knows how to build a computer and may not even have the time to learn this new skill, so the convenience of a prebuilt one makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are many more benefits to buying a prebuilt gaming PC from manufacturers, obviously, it takes the stresses away from finding all the compatible components, while also preventing damage to said components when the time comes to build it.

With a prebuilt gaming PC, you are going to be able to send it back to the manufacturer if anything goes wrong. Furthermore, if you feel you need an upgrade, suppliers will often do this for you or at least insist you send it to them for an upgrade. Manufacturers will also dish out a warranty, usually covering parts and labor for around a year but some companies offer impressive warranties and you can always spend extra on insurance, giving you a lengthy/ lifetime warranty.

A prebuilt from the biggest manufacturers around the world isn’t just packaged nicely for you either, they normally stress test the system to ensure the components are working before shipping and that it performs as it should. You will also receive your system with software, usually with Windows and drivers pre-installed, so you can simply plug it in and start downloading games.

Other features and freebies

You will often find most prebuilt gaming PCs ship with a free keyboard and mouse. Don’t get too excited, these are usually low-quality peripherals but good enough to get you playing games quickly. We advise you to invest in better-quality peripherals down the line but hey who doesn’t love free stuff?

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Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Brands

Every recommended prebuilt gaming PC in this article is from a reputable manufacturer. You are probably wondering how we know what the best gaming PC brands are? Well, we have done our research and purchased PCs from these brands.

Most notable brands:

Scan 3XS
Overclockers UK

Final word

As it stands, these are the best prebuilt gaming PCs under $1500. Every selection in this round-up will bring you an excellent gaming experience for years to come and which you choose largely depends on your budget and needs. Hopefully, after reading this article you are now ready to make your decision but rest assured these are high quality and come from reputable companies.

This way you can find a good gaming rig that will hit you with plenty of FPS. Some of them feature the best graphics cards but don’t forget some of the other features of your rig. If it’s what cooler its features, how many USB ports it has, or even the power supply that runs it so it doesn’t ruin the fun too soon. But also consider the HDMI and DisplayPort available, as it needs to suit your monitor to match the performance of the system.


Is a $1500 gaming PC worth it?

A $1500 gaming PC is a great price point to aim for. It’s on the entry point to the higher end of the performance. With plenty of features being implemented that are nice to find in them, such as multiple large-capacity storage drives. It also includes the next tier of components that are only one generation behind, so it is a good point for 2 or 4k gaming with higher refresh rates.

How much is a decent prebuilt gaming PC?

You can easily get a decent gaming PC under $800, with entry-level CPUs and GPUs that are still fairly modern. They can achieve good and fast performance at that level. But you will lack in some departments, such as the storage capacity, and be limited to lower resolutions. So for a bit better experience, aiming for $1500 will give you a solid experience.

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