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Do you obsess over how your gaming setup looks as well as how powerful it is? Do RGB lights get your hot under the collar? Have you lost hours scrolling through Instagram looking for the best setups to drool over?

You’re not alone.

With PC gaming being so popular now, there are so many different designs out there and so many new and interesting ways that you can customize your own setup. Below, we’ve gathered our Top 10 gaming setups for 2022, let us know what you think of them in the comments!

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Why We Think This is the Best Setup

This gaming setup is hands down one of the best out there, with a custom water-cooled PC and triple monitor setup at its core. Along with one of the fastest CPUs for gaming, we see the almighty RTX 3090, the king of graphics cards that will smash through any game chucked its way.

We love the tubing runs used into the distro plate with this build and the RGB lighting color scheme looks essentially makes the PC a desk lamp.This stunning setup takes up an impressive amount of space but still manages to look clean, it must be a joy to work/ play in there.

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Top 10 Gaming Setups 2022

So, without further ado, here are our choices for the 10 best gaming setups 2022! Don’t forget, if you follow us on Instagram, you could see your own setup appear on this list!

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Sauron Dream-Build

A simple build with blistering performance and enough fans to make this Lian Li case take off. While the setup isn’t particularly elaborate, the build is very clean, with excellent cable management.

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Winter Is Coming

This icy white gaming PC combines powerful components to create an impressive working from home gaming build.  It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a heavy amount to create a great gaming setup.

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Black and Gold Metal Hardline

A custom loop PC here featuring the latest and greatest from AMD And Nvidia. An enthusiast-level, water-cooled build done in yet another Lian Li O11D case but wow does it look fantastic.

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$6,000 Of Pure Beauty

Black Diamond V2 Gaming Setup

This Black Diamond V2 build by busone10 is a true premium-level enthusiast build for those who take their passion for PC gaming to the ultimate level. If you don’t have money to burn, look elsewhere, because this setup spares no expense, but by God you can tell.

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