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Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 is a colour match made in Heaven

Accompanied by the new Govee AI Gaming Sync Box with Backlight, immersion never looked so good

Updated: Jul 25, 2023 8:23 am
Govee’s Gaming Light Strip G1 is a colour match made in Heaven


We’ve tested and played around with a number of lighting solutions for PC over the years at WePC – and we’ve got to say Govee is one of our favourites. Thanks to a stunning combination of cutting-edge technology and a super intuitive set up procedure, creating a truly next-generation set up has never been easier. 

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour to your gaming experience, or just want to finish off your gaming setup with some sophisticated RGB lighting, read on as there’s never been a better time to upgrade your gaming experience. Let’s get started.

So, how does it work?

Govee is a pioneer in color-matching technology – from proprietary solutions such as CogniGlow™ which uses an AI algorithm paired with HDMI connectivity, to Envisiual™ which uses a camera for real-time visual effects. Now introducing its first software color-matching product  – the G1 Light Strip, your gaming room can finally get the glow-up it deserves. The Govee Gaming Light Strip G1 is powered by the brand’s VibraMatch color matching technology, capturing the on-screen color changes perfectly, leading to a more immersive gaming experience. The G1 Strip features 360°, 4-sided color matching through high-density LED light beads, with over 123 modes to choose from. Furthermore, the setup is compatible with multiple different ecosystems, bringing your gaming room to life.

While RGB lighting isn’t for everyone, can you really say you have an ultimate setup without it? We don’t think so and Govee takes you one step further with the G1 strip.


Main features:

  • VibraMatch color-matching technology
  • For 4K (3840×2160) screens, the G1 is capable of capturing nearly 970,000-pixel points per area
  • 360° four-sided color-matching
  • High-density LED Light Beads with 123 scene modes
  • Compatible with Razer Chroma, Google Home, Alexa, etc

What’s in the box:

  • LED Strip Light
  • Power Adapter
  • Cable Clips
  • User Manual

The Govee G1 Light Strip will complete your setup

The new G1 Light Strip comes in two sizes, one perfect for monitors around 24–26” and another for 27-34”. The G1 uses Govee VibraMatch technology that accurately analyzes pixels to provide a vibrant outer glow, matching whatever is happening on screen. To achieve this, a unique ten-area screen division captures the precise colors you are seeing. The technology is so accurate, it can calculate the average RGB values even using 4K (3840×2160) screens, where it’s able to capture nearly 970,000 -pixel points per area.

The G1 Strip can sync up with up to 10 other Govee devices through Desktop DreamView, giving your setup the illumination it deserves.


The G1 also works with the Govee Home App, much like other Govee products. The app is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls for hands-free enjoyment. The G1 ensures immersive gameplay with its bright, high-density LEDs. The strip features a 360-degree, four-sided color-matching experience with 60 beads per meter and only a 0.67-inch gap between each bead.


Govee Gaming Light Strip G1 is well priced

The G1 Light Strip starts at $59.99 for the 24-26” version, rising to just $69.99 for the larger 27-34” option. The G1 is available in the US, UK, and Europe via Amazon and direct at Govee. Govee has been a committed smart home solution company since 2017 and brings it all together with DreamView. DreamView seamlessly synchronizes your chosen effects, connecting the lighting across 10 devices. The whole ecosystem leads to one of the most immersive setups you can imagine while gaming. Obvious immersion aside, the whole thing is incredibly intuitive and easy to set up. Govee includes comprehensive instructions via the user manual, featuring helpful diagrams that detail exactly what you need to do. Furthermore, Govee provides several cable ties to make installation as clean-looking and smooth as possible. 

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box with Backlight starts at $239.99 on Amazon and Govee’s website.

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box with Backlight now supports bigger TVs

For anyone that requires an AI Gaming Sync Box for bigger TVs, Govee has introduced the new model with Backlight. Here, we have a product that performs well, with the box supporting 1440p at 144Hz but on the flip side, supports 4K at 60Hz too. It’s almost as simple as plug and play. It’s also far cheaper than some of the other alternatives out there – and in our view, achieves effects that rival them.  


The Ai Box (6602) works on console-supported games too, with ApexLegends, Overwatch 2, Fortnite, CoD, and PUBG. In total, the AI lighting effects support up to eight games so far after you update your device. It couldn’t be easier to get the update, once you receive the devices, power them up. Next, download the Govee home App (or update your current version), tap the “+” symbol, and search “6602” to add the device. Make sure you have wifi connected and once connected make sure it stays powered on and connected to the wifi for over 5 hours. Once done, restart the device and then it will automatically upgrade to support the new eight games.


Final word

Smooth, stylish and incredibly easy to use, Govee’s latest creations tick all the boxes. What we love is the clear acknowledgment of two audiences within gaming – casual and enthusiast. The backdrop around the gaming setup and the surrounding area has never looked so inviting. Thanks to Govee, gaming enjoyment has gone through the roof and all it took was a few twinkling lighting effects carefully managed by AI, who knew.

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