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Players discover a cryptic message on CS2 container

Updated: Jul 25, 2023 8:21 pm
Players discover a cryptic message on CS2 container

As many probably have already heard, Counter-Strike 2 is often compared to Call of Duty, which many don’t like since they prefer one game over the other. However, both games are enjoyable for different audiences.

This is yet another game that has many smaller details in it that allows players to almost have an Easter egg hunt to find all the different tiny things around the maps. This week, players discovered something interesting.

This past week, players have discovered a cryptic message on vertigo in CS2, making gamers wonder exactly what it says and what it could mean.

CS2 players discuss what this odd message means

The message players found is rather small and blurry, but it is stuck to the side of a container that seems to hold contents that might not be completely safe. Players have taken to Reddit with zoomed-in screenshots of the note, trying to translate it and discussing what it might mean. The Reddit post shows a very close-up picture of the message, giving everyone a chance to solve it.

Some of the words in the picture are clearer than others, giving us a pretty good idea of what it possibly says. One user wrote out their translation in a comment to the Reddit post. “My name is Jacob. I work with Magnar. He’s a buttface mean guy, please help. He doesn’t give me bathroom breaks until I finish these props. If this (bigot/bighead) comes into contact with you, panic and run.”

Another user responded to the translation, saying, “I believe it’s neither bigot or bighead, but “liquid,” which could also be true as that word looks more fuzzy on the image than the others.

The translations look very close to what the note probably says, but there is no official confirmation or say if this note later has some meaning to something later on in the game.

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